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McMaster University

Integrated Business and Humanities

IBH 1BC3 Fundamentals of Ethics (Fall 2022)

Department of Philosophy

PHILOS 2G03 Social and Political Issues (Fall 2022)

PHILOS 4S03 Human Rights and Global Justice (Fall 2022)

PHILOS 3CC3 Advanced Ethics (Winter 2023)

PHILOS 3I03 Philosophy and Feminism (Winter 2023)

PHILOS 4YY3 Topics in Ethics (Winter 2023)

Open Book

Carleton University

Department of Philosophy:

PHIL 2408 Bioethics (Fall 2021)

PHIL 3360 Philosophy, Economics, and Public Policy (Winter 2021)

Arthur Kroeger College of Public Affairs - Bachelor of Public Affairs and Policy Management

PAPM 4099 Capstone Seminar: Towards an Ethical Recovery (Winter 2022)

PAPM Capstone Seminar: The Ethics of COVID-19 (Winter 2021)


University of Toronto

Trinity One - Policy, Philosophy, & Economics Stream

TRN 160Y Public Policy and the Public Good (Fall 2021-Winter 2022)
Courses: Courses
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